Penthouse lobby with black industrial beams suspended over an open space filled with artwork. Wooden panelled doors slide along the sides of the room

Exclusive Penthouse Residency

Art House

Hyde Park Corner, London, UK
Interior Design, Residential Design
16,146 SQ. FT.

A super-premium residency at Hyde Park Corner in central London, this exclusive penthouse has been entrusted to PENSON as a personal project for a private high net-worth client.

For the luxury residential interior design concept, PENSON looked to the genre of 'Art House' film - seeking to produce stunning designs to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.

This Penthouse is a place perfect for entertaining and throwing exceptional parties, but it's also a place of sanctuary and comfort away from the buzz of the city. It's not just an example of interior design - Art House is a story and home that develops over time alongside its residents. It’s an iconic piece of London residential interior design.

A cross section render of the penthouse at one hyde park corner

An ice rink transforms into a dance floor

Personalised zoning enables privacy and tranquillity, easily transforming for fully open socialness. Four gigantic sliding canvases glide open or closed, or partially open, offering transformational moods and atmospheres for privacy or party. This flexibility is carried through to one of the upper floors where a vast indoor ice rink sits and easily adapts into a dance floor, lounge or exercise space. 

A render of lounge sofas and a large flat screen TV
iconTV Lounge
A render of dining table and chairs in front of a sculptural staircase
A render of an entrance hallway lit with strobe lights and a pool of water beneath a staircase
iconInstant Party Mode

Working with the existing shell we’ve turned the space into liveable warmth, adding flexible spaces, sliding canvases, smart tech and adaptations for modern living. Enhancing the huge vistas was important, as the views are works of art themselves and the space needed to be flooded with natural light. 

A sleek, luxe material palette with elements of greenery and organic beauty is used to compliment as well as emphasise and contrast. Organic beauty is first encountered on entry to the Penthouse, where water floats beneath a sculptural staircase to create a dream-like arrival.

Staircases and furniture are sculptural art that add drama. At every turn, there are subtle moments of intellectual and visual conceptualism - from the organic to energising digital art.

The Penthouse's location in the city and its proximity next to Hyde Park inspired a palette of materials that combine and contrast city living with bringing nature indoors. 

A mirrored box apartment hotel space set within a forest
iconProject Inspiration ©Arcana
The project material palette inspiration board inspired by images of cities and warm tones
iconMaterial Palette