A large bright red sweeping building over a race track, a red Ferrari car races in the foreground

Ferrari Experience Centre

museum, showroom and racetrack together for the first time

Architecture, Interior Design, Brand Experience
multiple red Ferrari cars in a white enclosed museum space that has a race track to the right hand side

The Ferrari Experience Centre by PENSON brings together motorsport operations as well as the history of Ferrari, in one space.

PENSON developed the Ferrari Experience Centre for HUME Investments, combining outstanding architecture and modern exhibitionism to truly showcase the Ferrari brand.

PENSON had the simple but innovative idea of bringing together for the first time a museum, showroom and racing circuit under one roof to create a holistic experience for guests. It was obvious to us that these functions should be allowed to come together in an organic way.

Interior shot of a racing driver racing a Ferrari on a race track. In the background a large bright red building sweeps over the race track
iconThe structure sweeps over the racetrack

The architectural shape language draws inspiration from motorsport aerodynamics and was inspired by natural landscapes. The bridge sections give spectators a covered viewing platform to watch over the action below, while the angle of the structure ensures spectators can see all parts of the track.

The racetrack runs through the Experience Centre – including an exhilarating hairpin bend that folds inside the building so that dad can show off in front of his family and friends while the kids get to come up close to some of Ferrari’s finest cars while they watch.

The centre aims to draw everyone’s attention to it as a landmark piece of architecture. The strikingly bright Ferrari red exterior is easily recognizable from the ground but also from the air.

PENSON have delivered a holistic project including the architecture design, interior design, museum design and experiential design of the centre as commercial architecture that performs for everyone.

Global roll-out for this project is well underway. Watch this space.