The inside of a pagoda shows a double-height space with open wooden beams and is lit with orange & pink tones

JO&JOE Singapore

In the heart of Chinatown

Interior Design, Brand Experience, Brand Co-Creation

PENSON are transforming a beautiful Pagoda in the heart of Chinatown to create a fresh take on western-influenced Asian hospitality interior design. JO&JOE Singapore is an Open House experience that bridges the gap between hotels, hostels and apartments.

a large circular bar in the centre of a double-height space is backlit with purple lights and has multiple tubes overhanging the bar that dispense drinks
iconThe show bar
a red ensuite bathroom lit atmospherically by red lights. shower water is dispensed by red lips
iconOOO lips bathroom

A spectacular circular show bar on the ground floor is overlooked by a mezzanine level above. This area joins the space as a central focal point for people to gather together and encourage connections.

Cocktails and drinks are spectacularly dispensed via tubes suspended over the show bar and down onto the countertop below. Drinks are refillable and can be added to a payable tab or room charge.

JO&JOE uses cashable room cards to pay – so there’s no hunting around for a credit card left in the room.

JO&JOE Singapore takes inspiration from the heritage of the Pagoda and the local night scene in Chinatown to create a vibrant and immersive playhouse hospitality concept.

The ground floor has an on-street connection but no reception, maximising space for engaging and immersive experiences like rentable pop-ups, exhibitions, events and DJ nights. Guests can purchase local trinkets and keepsakes from these changing pop-ups.

Interactive live art on writable surfaces across the hotel allows guests to dress up and make the space their own. 

JO&JOE Singapore follows the JO&JOE core values of being open to everyone – especially the local community. Food is a central part of the hotel’s story and actively involves guests with a large sharer food offering. Keeping the Open House international, there are world food and beers, while packaging and cutlery are fully sustainable/biodegradable.

Like other JO&JOEs there is a variety of dorm-style shared rooms and bathrooms as well as private rooms with en-suite. Once guests have finished partying the night away the bespoke double-size beds await a comfy night’s sleep.

Social areas ‘Happy House’ and a Happy House terrace and kitchen are reserved for booking guests and are located on the hotel's top floors.

The JO&JOE brand was co-created by PENSON and Accor Group in 2016 to disrupt the economy hospitality model. PENSON developed a physical and branded experience for JO&JOE that embraces a liberated and rebellious approach to hospitality interiors. All while offering a fresh take on customer experience, F&B, service, and new emotions for guests. You can read more about the brand here.