Peckham Space

Sculptural creative hub

London, UK
Interior Design, Architecture
Education & Arts
1,510 SQ. FT.
wide angled exterior shot straight on of the green entrance to Peckham space with a white arrow pointing towards the door. Trees & the sky frame the shot

The centrepiece of this space, part gallery part creative hub, is a unique sculptural form created on a minimal budget. We designed the plywood creation to act as a sustainable and constantly updated focus for the local community.

girl walking up concrete steps parallel to the side of the Peckham Space building
iconPeckham Steps
peckham space green graphics

Commissioned by Camberwell College of Arts, the new art venue Peckham Space unfolds onto Peckham square in such a bold way, the building itself could be mistaken for a giant sculptural artwork. It’s become an iconic part of London’s architecture scene.

The cantilevered roof draws people up the steps to the glazed entrance next to Will Alsop’s Peckham Library, while large asymmetrical windows flood the interior with natural light. We designed it as the ultimate architecture project to accommodate flexible space – that can be altered as and when it’s needed – for wall-mounted exhibitions, video installations, or classes.

'Peckham Space is an amazing achievement of public, green, clever architecture - something only PENSON know how to repeat.'

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