White and sleek cafe space at the base of Proximus head offices. Lots of green planting and tables to work at

Proximus Campus

Interconnected Vertical Campus

Brussels, Belgium
Architecture, Interior Design, Workplace
Mobile digital communications
1.144,203 sq. ft.

Proximus Campus is a visionary, interconnected, vertical, green, and smart campus that will redefine the working life experience for Belgian national digital communications company, Proximus.

PENSON has joined two high-rise towers to bring the Proximus community together in one Headquarters for the first time. The campus forms commercial architecture that benchmarks office design of the future.

Looking up from ground level at the external of Proximus' two high-rise glass office buildings that have a connected platform on the upper levels
iconA vital hub in the Northern Quarter of Brussels

Freeletics Architecture encourages exercise and getting fitter

Green garden surrounding the base of Proximus head offices. People walk and cycle on white paved pathways
iconGardens are open to the public

Each floor of the HQ has been specifically designed for Proximus’ people and teams to support their work, create flexibility, and encourage health and fitness. The buildings provide the tools to allow individuals to self-develop as part of a thriving nationwide organisation.

Tiered white concrete platforms and balconies surrounded by green grass
iconMeetings in the gardens

PENSON have cleverly adapted the existing Pavilion building architectural design to integrate a gigantic rooftop meadow that slopes and rises from ground level. This rooftop meadow will be an innovative accommodation for start-ups, and collaborative space for Proximus to do technology testing. It encourages an open and naturally flowing accessibility for everyone.

The central auditorium of the site will generate city centre biodiversity, and be accessible to the public, adding an important space of this kind into the area.

The whole site allows Proximus to enjoy not only high-tech innovations but also gardens that support biodiversity. The gardens help to bind the site together as one entity.

Staff from other Proximus offices are encouraged to use the HQ as a base and stay after their meetings.

Once complete, Proximus Campus will trigger emotions and strike a chord with visitors and guests. It advocates innovation, community, creativity, and streamlined efficiencies. This campus works around you, rather than you having to work around it.

Two glass towers of Proximus headquarters with a connected rooftop level
iconScale of the site
Looking up from ground level at the external of Proximus' two high-rise glass office buildings that are connected by a platform on the upper levels
iconPlant oasis

Eco + sustainable site