Private Fintech Client

London's Latest Sky Campus

40,000 SQ. FT.
London, UK
Workplace, Interior Design, Brand Experience
PENSON visual of main double height black, pink & yellow social lounge with suspended feature light & double height mesh curtain

Drawing inspiration from the tranquillity of a leisurely park stroll, we've meticulously crafted a green haven across four floors, encompassing a grand total of 31,560 sq ft. Nature gracefully seeps indoors, seamlessly fusing the outside world with the bustling heart of the city. This biophilic design ethos nourishes the well-being of our esteemed Client's team, fostering an environment that fosters both productivity and serenity.
Spanning across the 32nd and 33rd floors, providing over 20,000 sq ft of dynamic space, respectively. Moreover, this visionary expansion extends its embrace across two additional floors – the 34th floor, a dedicated wellness retreat, boasts 10,000 sq ft of cutting-edge amenities.

The 31st and 32nd floors host an office sanctuary, while the 33rd floor transforms into a multi-functional space, housing a vibrant club, a versatile town hall, and a lounge kitchen area. Here, the concept of work and leisure dance together in perfect harmony. 

Throughout this transformative workspace, bespoke solid timber desks sourced from local Ash wood signify our commitment to sustainability and elegance. A balance of minimalism and warmth in the interior architecture ensures optimum comfort and productivity.

Our esteemed Private Fintech Client's vision is to create a space where work and play intertwine harmoniously

The highlight of the design is the seamless integration of technology, greenery and living walls, fostering a soothing ambiance reminiscent of a serene park. A rotating tree adds a unique touch to the workspace, symbolising growth and progress.

Wellness takes centre stage on the 34th floor, where innovation meets health. Anchored by a state-of-the-art gym, it boasts the UK's first ski machine, climbing walls, kilter boards, and music practice studios. This holistic wellness floor promises to redefine how we perceive a workplace's impact on our well-being.

The Client's commitment to social responsibility is evident in the design, reflecting their work in their charity foundation. Their dedication to the environment and investing back in it makes this project an exemplary model for other companies interested in promoting eco-conscious initiatives.

PENSON's ingenuity is woven into every aspect, including our lighting scheme where cutting-edge LED technology creates a seamless natural ambience. Our dynamic bar area effortlessly transitions from a daytime workspace to a lively events space, all at the tap of a button.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this exceptional creation through mesmerising visuals and an immersive short film. Experience a blend of innovation, well-being, and a shared sense of community – a testament to our continuous pursuit of "Creating the New" in the realm of workspace and brand experience design.