Google Inflatable

Instant inflatability transforming Google's landscape

London, UK
Interior Design, Workplace
43,430 SQ. FT.
google white inflatable reception desk with coloured google logo


In 5 days

How long does it take to solve a 43,430 SQ. FT. acoustic, spatial and logistical problem? Five days, that’s how long. Google appointed PENSON to design a multi-branded space for Google Sales, Engineering, YouTube and Android, and “L5 Inflatable” was the first project to launch – an inflatable floor which transformed the Google London landscape.

wall with list of quirky meeting room names on it
iconL5 meeting rooms

L5 – Google Inflatable – is all about getting people in quickly, giving the best impact and forward-thinking visual identity, while staying true to Google’s workplace strategy.

With such a quick set up, we ensured that L5 was equally about how to get out quickly, with minimal abortive work to save time, building-in efficiency whilst maximising sustainability credentials. Creating a fun, flexible workplace interior design environment, PENSON’s instant inflatables generated excitement and discovery for Googlers & those who watch Google.

‘I love the idea of a comfortable seat costing only £5.95 to buy and taking on 5.95 seconds to inflate.’

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